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Hiring for Humans

Haystack’s cloud-based video platform brings a human touch to hiring and saves time.

By sharing informative videos and interviews, candidates and employees can prepare for the next steps of the application process at their convenience – with no extraneous scheduling.

Your candidate’s first impression will be a friendly video greeting from your company’s representative. This warm welcome will make them feel more confident and engaged moving forward in the application process.



Employers Want:

  • Efficiency & Automation
  • Minimal Business Disruption
  • Speed to Hire
  • To Make Better Decisions
  • An Excellent Applicant Experience
  • To Be Unique

Applicants Want:

  • To Feel Valued
  • Have a Human Experience/ Interaction
  • Be Engaged by the Employer
  • Timely Responses
  • Clarity of the Process

An application for small businesses

We’re here to satisfy the desire of applicants to find the job they love and employers to experience the excitement of finding just the right person they’re searching for their team.

Haystack is where employers can create job listings, record and review company, and candidate videos, automate email correspondence, and store documents within a company-branded environment. Team members can review, rate candidates, take notes, and be notified of changes related to job offerings and their candidates’ responses.

Video features

Company Introduction and Job Description Videos

Let your organization shine with these two quick introductory videos. It’s an opportunity to share your company culture along with the job description for the open position so that candidates know it’s a good fit!

Candidate Introduction Videos

The first response from potential candidates is an optional short video they record explaining why they’d be a good fit for the position. It’s an excellent opportunity for an introduction to a person rather than a resume.

Employer One-way Interview Introduction Videos

These short videos share more information about the position and the employer, further humanizing the hiring experience – creating a more significant investment by candidates.

One-Way Asynchronous Video Interview

Employers save time by reviewing short videos of candidates rather than scheduling and committing to phone or two-way video screenings. Potential hires can interview on their schedule. Team managers can collaborate, manage and review prospective candidates at their convenience.