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How Haystack Works

Create unique job applications, make a great first impression with company videos, and save time with asynchronous interview videos and Haystacks application tracking system. Let’s explore how Haystack works to enhance your recruitment experience.

1. Create a Job Posting with Haystack

Design Your Job Application Form

  • Record company outbound videos or use an existing YouTube video to make a great first impression
  • Add your company logo
  • Provide job description
  • Set document requirements
  • Create custom questions for candidates

Create Links to Your Application Form

  • Make a custom link for each place you post your job opening (job boards, social media, emails, etc.)
  • Discover where your applicants are coming from

Customize Questions for Your Automated Interview

  • Write your own questions or choose from Haystack’s common questions library
  • Set the time candidates have to read and respond to questions

2. Evaluate your candidates on Haystack

video recruiting

Review Candidate Qualifications

  • Review resumes, documents, and application answers
  • Share with team members
  • Take notes

Invite or Decline Candidate for the Asynchronous video interview

  • Click thumbs up to invite candidates to the Asynchronous interview
  • Click thumbs down to reject
  • Click “?” to mark as a maybe to decide later
video recruiting

Review Video Interviews

  • Take notes and rate each answer 1-5 stars (automatically creates composite rating)

Now that Haystack’s automation has helped you narrow your candidate pool down to just a few of the very best, you’ll be ready for Face-to-Face interviews!