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The Candidate Experience Platform

A lasting first impression leads to long-term loyalty. Attract and hire the perfect match with Haystack and optimize the human connection between applicants and employers.

Make Your Connection Personal

Give your company a human face by self-recording informative videos that showcase your company in a friendlier way!

Create a personal experience by recording your customized questions for Haystack’s cloud-based video interview feature!

By providing a more engaging interaction in the early stages of hiring, Haystack helps you form stronger bonds with applicants. This will lead to invested, long-term employees and improved company culture!

Better Hiring for Small Business

Use Haystack to attract and screen great candidates with video

Meet the Boss Video

A Day at Work Video

Company Intro Video

Why Work For Us Video

Job Description Video

Asynchronous Video Interview

A welcoming human hello to applicants and the world, simulating a pleasant real-life experience and humanizing the relationship at the beginning of the hiring process!

It is an opportunity for a company to connect with potential candidates and set itself apart by highlighting its unique values, goals, and perks.

A short video that defines the role and responsibilities of the available position.

Up to five questions asked by the employer for an asynchronous interview reviewable on your schedule.

Describes what a typical day would be like in that role and a meet your boss video.

Describes what a typical day would be like in that role and a meet your boss video.

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Recruitment & Retention - GetUWired

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CEO - Wicked Reports

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