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Here are some common questions about Haystack.


How does Haystack help you make better decisions?

Haystack solves the issue of interview variables by standardizing the interview process, allowing for a fair apples-to-apples comparison of candidates.

What are the less obvious benefits of using Haystack beyond time and money savings?

Haystack promotes employer introspection and personalization of the hiring process, which results in increased candidate engagement and long-term benefits like improved culture and productivity.

How do you invite candidates to complete the one-way video interview?

Simply click the thumbs-up button next to the candidate’s name, and they’ll be sent the invitation automatically.

What can't Haystack do?

Currently, Haystack’s services stop after the one-way interview. We still offer the structure to organize your candidates at the face-to-face and hiring stages—more features to come.

Can Haystack replace my applicant tracking system?

Haystack has applicant-tracking functionality and focuses on the early stages of the hiring process.

Does Haystack post job ads for me on job boards?

Not currently. You create a Haystack link for your job and post it on the job boards you wish to use for candidates to apply.

What else can Haystack do?

Additional features are in development.

Benefits for Applicants

What are the benefits of using Haystack for applicants?

Haystack offers a human introduction to the company through videos made by the employer, ensuring fairness in the hiring process and allowing applicants to complete their first interview at their convenience.


How is my price determined?

The $79 subscription fee is paid monthly and includes your first 20 completed candidate video interviews. $20 blocks of additional ten interviews will be automatically charged during the month as needed. You have complete control over the number of candidates you invite to keep control of potential costs.

When do the billing/service month start and end?

Each month begins at the monthly anniversary of your billing enrollment.

How do I cancel my services?

Billing is monthly; no contract exists, so you can cancel anytime. Simply click on the profile, and at the bottom, click cancel subscription.

If I cancel, what happens to my account and data?

Your data will be saved for 90 days, and you can request to export it.


Can I import my current applicants into Haystack from our Applicant Tracking System?

Not currently—this feature is on our roadmap.

Can I export my candidates to use with other services?

Not currently—this feature is on our roadmap.

Posting Haystack links to job search sites

Easily post your Haystack job link on Indeed and other job sites

Struggling with sharing your Haystack job link on Indeed? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with a simple method to help you set up an Indeed job posting that smoothly guides candidates to your Haystack link.

Step 1: Create a Minimal Indeed Job Posting
Keep the job posting and application process on Indeed as minimal as possible to save candidates’ time.

Step 2: Reach Out to Applicants via Indeed
Once a candidate applies, send them a message through Indeed, like this:
Thanks for your interest in the {JOB_TITLE} position at {COMPANY_NAME}. To take the next step, visit this link: [Haystack job link]. Haystack makes applying a breeze, and you won’t need to set up an account!”

Step 3: Craft a Custom Message Template
Save time by setting up a message template in Indeed:
Click “message” by the candidate’s name.
Select “Templates” above the message box.
Choose “Apply on Company Site”.
Click “Save as Template”.
Name your template something memorable.
Edit the default message to suit your needs (see Step 2 for an example).
Replace [insert link here] with your Haystack job link.
Preview and save your template.

Step 4: Use Your Custom Template
To send your custom message with the Haystack job link:
Click “message”.
Select “templates”.
Choose your custom template.
Click “send”.

Post Your Haystack Job Link on Other Job Sites

For these job sites, simply paste your Haystack job link into the external link field:

AngelList, Behance, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, JobiSite, Job Inventory, LinkedIn, Zippia

For these job sites, paste your Haystack link directly into the job description or other text fields:

Craigslist, Monster, Simply Hired, Snagajob,, WWR, ZipRecruiter

For Indeed, follow the steps outlined above to guide candidates through the application process and send them your Haystack job link via a custom message template.