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First month Free! Give Haystack a try, no credit card necessary to get started!

Twenty candidate interviews are included with your monthly Haystack subscription.

Need more? Don’t worry! Haystack grows with you! Bundles of ten additional interviews are available for only $20 a month! Add as many as you need!


Haystack Pro
$79 per month

No limit to how many active jobs
you post!

Active JobsUnlimited

No limit to team members
collaborating together!


A ton of responses, no problem! Never
an extra charge!


Send as many invitations as you want.
Non responses saved you time!

Video Interview InvitationsUnlimited

Candidates that respond are serious
about your job!

Completed Video Interviews20 per month*

Organize candidate information,
documents, interactions, and their
progression through the process.

Applicant Tracking SystemInlcluded
Candidate Experience

Customize Haystack with your
company logo and colors.


Videos showcasing your company and
the position you’re looking to fill.

Intro Videos

Preformatted interview questions for
you to select from.

Interview Question Bank

No limit to how many active jobs
you post!

Customizable Question

No limit to how many active jobs
you post!

Document Upload

No limit to how many active jobs
you post!

Custom Email Template
Candidate Management

Leave notes so that other team
members know your thoughts.

Candidate Notes

A rating system so you can easily sort
through your candidates.

Candidate Ratings

* 20 completed video interviews per month ($20 for each additional 10, expires monthly)